Woodland Trust Tree Giveaway


The Woodland Trust is giving away free trees to Town & Parish Councils…

Since 2010, The Woodland Trust has given away 13 million free trees to schools and communities across the UK.

We want to make sure everybody has the chance to plant a tree, so we’re still giving away hundreds of thousands of them every year. Together, we'll get millions more trees in the ground in our quest to hit the UK’s carbon net-zero target.

We are currently accepting applications for free trees from local councils, town councils and parish councils, as well as from schools and community groups in their area, and we would like to ask for your support in getting the message out.

Eligible groups can apply for up to 420 free saplings per application window, with our deliveries taking place every year in March and November. Applications processed now will receive their saplings in March 2024, just in time for planting season!

You can find more information about the Free Trees for Schools and Communities initiative on our website, as well as a link to the application form.